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Located in Tel Aviv, Wertheimer Gallery was co-founded in 2016 by Nathalie and Gil Wertheimer, with the vision to promote upcoming artists from different backgrounds and connect with local and international art collectors.

In 2023, after seven years of presence in the Israeli art scene, the Gallery re-opened its doors in its renovated space under the current name to embody a new curation program, giving voice to a new generation of artists, both emerging and established ones. Many of these artists are international, showing their work in Israel for the first time. Above all, Wertheimer Gallery aims to cultivate a fresh dialogue between works of art and visitors by integrating various mediums, cultures and ideas into its exhibitions and diverse venues.

With a contemporary and accessible space and an independent approach, Wertheimer Gallery runs an innovative, diverse annual program for art lovers and collectors. The program includes group and solo exhibitions, events, fairs and collaborations with guest artists and curators.

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