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27 APRIL - 14 JUNE 2023

'Alone Together' is a group exhibition of works by Sara Shira Cutler, Nicholas Fols, Micky Goldstein, Ziqian Liu, Evgeny Merman, Tally Shininger, Michal Shtibel, Omer Udvin, Van De Camp & Heesterbeek, Baptiste Leonne, Roman Gulman, Leon Weinreb.


Alienation: a state of being detached or estranged, can refer to how people are excluded or marginalized due to barriers in language, culture, religion, social disposition, sexuality or political views.

Alienation and isolation are frequent themes throughout the history of art, with the depiction of loneliness and isolation by numerous painters from Van Gogh, Edvard Munch to Edward Hopper.

From expressions of self-estrangement to crave for belonging, the exhibiting artists investigate the sense of alienation in various cultural and social environment, exploring themes of alienation through modern consumption, through social and gender convention but also through social identity across cultures.

The works evoke how alienation is manifested in scenarios of personal experiences, featuring ideas of self-recognition and self-acceptance but also of alienation within one’s own body, emotional disappearance and feelings of otherness.  

The exhibition highlights the dissonance and challenges of our contemporary social media culture which seems to embrace social bounds and community but through which individual existence has never seemed so lonely. It also raises questions about the power of art to create human closeness and its ability to help us overcome alienation



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