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16 DECEMBER 2021 - 16 FEBRUARY 2022

Commedia della Vita is a group exhibition of works by Gustavo Bar Valenzuela, Micky Goldstein, Evgeny Merman, Miguel Millo, Alfredo Palmero, Tally Shininger, Michal Shtibel, Hen Songo, Omer Udvin, Hanna Ilan Yones, Leon Weinreb.

"All the world is a stage,And all the men and women merely players." William Shakespeare


Describing everyday social interaction with terms borrowed from the theatre is an established tradition in many fields. For instance, the concept of playing role has connected theatre-makers and anthropologists since the 1920s.

Are the social roles of everyday life ultimately have little difference from the fictive roles played on theatrical stages? 

Can we get out of the character that we built to ourselves or that society and education have shaped for us?

Is playing different role during our life inherent to human nature, and maybe essential to our understanding of others?

Contemporary philosopher Ted Cohen reminds us that the ability to imagine oneself as another person is an indispensable human capacity — as essential to moral awareness as it is to literary and cultural appreciation. In addition, Cohen argues that we can engage with fictional characters just as intensely as we do with real people.


The exhibition explores the complexity of the contemporary spectrum of social roles and experiences of our day-to-day existence sublimated by the artists own experiences. The exhibition takes a deep dive into our own private dressing box of pretending and deciding which face we will show to the world and in which living role we are jumping into.



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