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29 DECEMBER - 28 MARCH 2023

'Daily Lives' is a group exhibition of works by Sayan Baigaliyev, Gustavo Bar Valenzuela, Patty Carroll, Evgeny Merman, Beenee Sarid See, Hen Songo, Furio Torracchi, Margeaux Walter.

Works of Art are used as fascinating historical document from which we can learn about our daily lives, about what the environment we live in looks like, which objects are an integral part of our routine and how we spend our free time. The paintings of Johann Vermeer in the 17th century, which depicted the daily work at home or the Impressionists who painted the hedonistic and glittering leisure life of the French bourgeoisie in the 19th century, are interesting examples of the human desire to record life itself, the social situation of the time or convey through the art the prosperity of their time.

The artists participating in the exhibition continue the tradition established by these artists, but from a contemporary perspective, whether documented or staged and in a variety of mediums.

The works describe characteristics of everyday life and leisure such as: dance, fashion, travels, home environment and household objects. The exhibition aims to present these images as elements that symbolize the current period and raises questions about the importance of comfort and leisure and the meaning of objects in today's consumer society.



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