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14 AUGUST - 30 OCTOBER 2022

'Interface' is a group exhibition of works by Gustavo Bar Valenzuela, Micky Goldstein, Roman Gulman, Baptiste Leonne, Evgeny Merman, Tally Shinninger, Hen Songo, Omer Udvin, Miguel Vallinas and Van de Camp & Heesterbeek.

“We define our identity always in dialogue with, sometimes in struggle against, the things our significant others want to see in us." Charles Taylor

'Interface' invites visitors to think about the process of building identity and the role of the environment in defining it. The exhibition includes paintings, photography, mixed media and sculpture by Israeli and international artists.

The various works reflect the idea that identity is only one aspect of a person but it affects deeply the way we see and think the world. Identity cannot be escaped when we are reminded of it in everyday life: like an inseparable shadow or like a face we did not choose, Identity is also shaped through the gaze that is returned to us.

We live in society among others and as a result, part of the definition of cultural, social and personal identity is defined not only through our view of the world but also through the view of the other. As a result, our identity is partly shaped by recognition or its absence.

Does identity define itself according to cultural orders and conventions or rather as opposed to them? Is identity shaped by our view of the other, or by how others view us?



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