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Up & Coming 2023

Up & Coming

This first exhibition introduces a present dialog between eight promising local and international artists who deserve notice and that will be showcased in the gallery's annual program.

It includes Swiss artist Sophie Ullrich, whose new paintings combine comic-like figures, Pop Art influences and consumer culture painted in a hyper-realistic style. Her strange and naïve protagonists are often reduced to minimal outlines and form the connection between narration, abstract elements and schematic backgrounds. Gustavo Bar Valenzuela realistic works are rooted in the classical traditions of the old masters but depict contemporary themes that reflects on ecological issues and on the aftermath of the consumer culture.

In her own satirical approach, New York photographer Margeaux Walter also tackles human-environment relationship in her new series 'Don't be a Square', using her own body and staging site-specific interventions to express both a deep connection with the land and at the same time a disconnection. On her journey to escape the chaos of modern life, French-Israeli artist Jessica Moritz translates reflections of light into matter, taking form in shapes, lines and color harmonies. Her 3D-paintings on canvas and wood aim to present utopic landscapes, inspired by color theories and architecture.

Young Kazakh artist Sayan Baigaliyev aims to embed the spectator into scenes captured from the everyday. His painting explore the spaces of modern life through his distinctive compositions, while he deals with three-dimensionality and aims to disrupt the laws of perspective and proportions. Evgeny Merman abstract oil paintings are part of his tribute to Mark Rothko, using image and color as a channel to communicate human emotions.

In an attempt to deconstruct the Middle Eastern female identity through the female gaze, Elsa Ers Brosh uses the feminine figure as an anchor for her recent paintings. Whilst reading as a love letter to the female form, the body of work seamlessly transitions between figuration and abstraction. Sara Shira Cutler's oil paintings look into human chaos, blurring the line between imagination and reality.

Exhibiting artists: Sayan Baigaliyev, Gustavo Bar Valenzuela, Elsa Ers Brosh, Sara Shira Cutler, Evgeny Merman, Jessica Moritz, Sophie Ullrich, Margeaux Walter.



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