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Baptiste Leonne is a French artist, currently based in Normandy.

As multi-disciplinary and eclectic artist, his work includes and often combines photography and paintings. His photography works capture women’s ultimate beauty with intensity and poetry. Leonne's unique process begins with a painting on a mirror before moving in a closed circle between mirror, painting and photography.

The Diva series - Leonne's monumental work - places two mirrors face-to-face: the mirror in front of the camera - and through the looking glass, through the camera - a new, infinite and timeless image is formed. His works echo notions of femininity and identity: they reflect in his view an attempt to bring back to the cynical world all the poetry that emanates from womens' souls. The play of light and shades in each work is reminiscent of a nostalgic aesthetic from another time, and the reflection motif glances back at us, evoking not only our own self-image but the way others see us.

His recent paintings are more conceptual and critical, expressing the artist’s perspective on freedom of expression and human relations in the context of modern consumer society. Through his works, Baptiste Leonne urges to create a new and better social order, one that

advocates solidarity and acceptance of the other.

His works are held in private collections in Europe, Israel and the United States and have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in France and Israel.





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