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Israeli artist Micky Goldstein was born in Chile and lives and works in Tel Aviv.

He studied art in Israel in the 80’s at Academy of Art Nery Bloomfield Wizo in Haifa and attended the workshops of Yacob Zim and Abraham Eilat.

His recent works portray the human soul in an expressive yet graphic and minimalist way, in which he combines illustration and quotes, and imprints the very essence of iconic characters.

After years of painting figurative and impressionist drawing, Micky Goldstein developed a new artistic approach based on the understanding that perfection exists only as an abstraction our minds, and not in the natural world. As a result, his recent portraits series explore the concept of perfect imperfect, experimenting techniques to disturb the conventional creation process, such as painting in the dark or drawing with his left hand. He also investigates the use of new material and medium in his works.

His works can be found in private collections in Argentina and the USA and have been exhibited in solo and collective exhibitions in Israel, Chile, and in the USA.





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